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Geoffrey Lewis has been a master story teller for well over four decades.  It was Geoff Levin, a songwriter/recording artist, who saw him performing in 1970 and planted the seeds of Celestial Navigations in the form of The Great American Entertainment Show.


Geoffrey and Geoff started writing and performing together, adding other singers and musicians to enhance the group; performing both stories and original songs. They added a diverse range of musical styles and sounds to enhance the emotional impact of the stories. This encouraged Lewis to write even more daring and ambitious tales.


In 1984 Celestial Navigations was born at the Matrix Theater in Los Angeles with Geoff Levin playing synthesizer and guitar and David Campbell on violin and keyboards. The show ran for six weeks and thoroughly established the groups format. Geoffrey Lewis won a Drama-logue award for the show. In 1985 Chris Many took over for David and the group released its first album on K-tel records. They went on to perform on the Smothers Brothers Variety hour and make it onto the Billboard New Age charts with several albums. They were getting radio play on the WAVE and other national radio stations exposing their unique genre nationally.  


In 1996 Bettie Ross took over for Chris and in 2005 Eric Zimmerman also became a performer and composer for the group. One of their stories THE JANITOR was transformed in to an animated short film and garnered an Academy Award Nomination. The group has released eight albums. Up to this point there are still no recording aritsts creating in this unique genre.


In 2014 they released their first audiobook LIVING THE LIVES on They continue to create in this original art form and are looking forward to releasing a new album at the end of 2014. 

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